Welcome to Your Next Decade

To help with the adventures of your life year in and year out, Pilates the First Step is the studio our clients rely on regularly to reach their fitness goals. PFS is a signature Stott Pilates studio with an advanced and unparalleled approach to total fitness.

Building on a contemporary Pilates foundation, we add key supplemental disciplines based on exercise science. Incorporating Core Align, Red Cord and Z Health optimizes the workouts and results for all of our clients regardless of their starting point.

Come join us for a sophisticated, hard core Pilates workout and lots of fun!

Stott Pilates

Dramatic differences and benefits not typically found with a basic pilates approach.


A workout for anyone seeking improved firing of the core muscles in perfect timing.

Red Cord

Go beyond beyond TRX and learn to activate your stablizers on demand.

Z Health

Drills based on neuroscience which use the brain to improve performance and fix the body.

A Certified Stott Pilates Studio

Stott is a recognized leader in advanced pilates equipment and education and the choice of discerning pilates professionals worldwide. Using biomechanical principles and exercises based on the original work of Joseph Pilates, training with us will help you understand how to correctly engage your peripheral muscles, core muscles and breath in a system which creates a stronger core, more mobile spine and healthier joints. The result is a smarter and more efficient approach to your daily exercise and physical endeavors.

optimize all aspects of your physical fitness and performance

By training here you will develop an awareness of where you lack mobility, or have too much mobility, and what you need to do to address each challenge to meet your goals. Pilates was designed to progress from one move to another in logical progression, and meant to get more difficult as you develop more skills and technique. There are  thousands of exercises so your options for movement and creative workouts are limitless.

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Life is simply more enjoyable when you can enjoy your everyday activities and move freely without pain. Training with PFS will increase your body awareness and give you the tools to actively pursue your fitness and recreation goals.  


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HIgh Performance Athletics

Competition brings a unique set of requirements to a training regimen. Kathy's experience in strength and movement training has been applied successfully by professional and Olympic athletes to improve competitive performance and reduce physical stress. 



If you have had surgery or are recovering from a major illness, your fitness program will be adapted within the bounds set by your physical therapist or physician. Kathy is also Pink Ribbon certified to assist those recovering from breast cancer.

The Only Aspen Studio Offering CoreAlign


CoreAlign is part mind/body, part cardiofitness, part strength/flexibility and totally unique! Kathy is the first instructor to bring Core Align workouts to the Aspen/Snowmass area.

Primarily standing functional work, CoreAlign stimulates your core stabilizing muscles better than most other techniques. The equipment stimulates your core muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises.


Appropriate for Everyone

CoreAlign techniques were developed by a physical therapist, Johnathan Hoffman.  The workout is designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement patterns in the development of awareness and feeling that can be transferred to everyday activities.  This optimizes one’s ability to perform any activity with less fatigue, pain and risk of injury.

CoreAlign is appropriate for most everyone:  high end athletes seeking an extra edge in competition, weekend warriors who want to go the extra mile, and for those who simply need musculoskeletal re-education due to injury or other circumstance.  CoreAlign will provide you with a new neuromuscular challenge in your workouts, enhancing your healthy lifestyle.



Versatile Suspension Training Comes to Aspen


Red Cord is a revolutionary system developed in Norway to help competitive skiiers strengthen their bodies for their season and to rehab after an injury.  It is a highly effective functional exercise system that activates the right muscles at the right time which is key to achieve optimal performance. 

Beyond TRX

Red Cord has everything that TRX has and then takes it to the next level because of its design and bungie cord system.  The system demands immediate activation of your stabilizer muscles, so your body begins to fire deeply and rapidly to accommodate the demand the exercises place on you. It increases your joint mobility and range of motion, improves balance and challenges you to new levels of performing strength exercises.



Engage Your Central Nervous System


Z Health targets the body's central nervous system. Traditional fitness culture has typically been focused solely on muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons while overlooking the higher-order system that oversees all activity in the body. It is a paradigm shift in the way we look at fitness and involves training with the principles of neuroplasticity. The result is changing the body’s capacity for movement by working with the central and peripheral nervous systems to regain lost movement and alter harmful patterns.

Gain Without Pain

At the center of the Z Health philosophy is a focus on restoration and rehabilitation of the body's pattern of performing every-day and athletic movements. The drills are developed for you individually and, after assessment, you are given a “toolbox” of refined drills to assess and reassess your body’s capacity for movement every day for the rest of your life.

Z Health is proven to not only produce advances in performance, but also to do so without causing pain and injury, setbacks far too common in other training modalities. Even more, Z Health can improve past pains that you may have thought would last forever.

For a primer on how Z Health works with your nervous system, please refer to the following short video.