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Visiting the Aspen/Snowmass area?
We are happy to accommodate visitors to one of our classes if we have space available. Please call in advance and we will work to find a place for you during your visit.

A Few Words About Kathy

Kathy Le Mieux-Rodman is one of the country's leading instructors in conditioning and movement fitness.   Learn More >

The Boutique

The boutique carries a complete selection of fitness clothing and equipment from brands such as Ion Actif, Stott Pilates and others.
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If this is your first step or your second,
if you are a beginner, advanced student or an elite athlete,
my studio is the place for you.

Intelligent Exercise,  Profound Results

The Aspen/Snowmass area's only studio integrating four key disciplines for core strength, fitness
and joint mobility.

Let me teach you how to get stronger by being smarter about your workout!




Everyday Fitness

Life is simply more enjoyable when you can enjoy your everyday activities and move freely without pain. Training with Kathy will increase your body awareness and give you the tools to actively pursue your fitness and recreation goals.   Learn More >

High Performance Athletics

Competition brings a unique set of requirements to a training regimen. Kathy's experience in strength and movement training has been applied successfully by professional and Olympic athletes to improve competitive performance and reduce physical stress.    Learn More >


Special Situations & Recovery

If you have had surgery or are recovering from a major illness, your fitness program will be adapted within the bounds set by your physical therapist or physician. Kathy is also Pink Ribbon certified to assist those recovering from breast cancer.   Learn More >

State of the Art Studio

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or simply recovering from surgery, the studio is fully equipped with the latest equipment and accessories to accommodate your specific situation and challenge you to meet your goals safely.     Learn More >


What Kathy's Clients Say

"I can't thank Kathy enough for always going above and beyond to make sure that I am always up on the most up to date and innovative practices so that I can truly be at my best."  
~ Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic Snowboarder

"I began pilates with Kathy and now my balance is amazing; I could stand on one leg all day long if I had to! I am 100% certain that attending Kathy‚Äôs classes has not only helped my balance, but has strengthened my core so much that I no longer have back pain, has improved my flexibility, and has improved the entire performance of my body"  
~ Robin Gorog