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Your Goals, Your Program

Working with Pilates the First Step is an education in body awareness.  The process starts with you:  your goals, where you want to improve and the presence of any pain to address. 

We take in all this information and then factor your near-term objectives:  are you getting ready for a major hike, a bike race, triathlon, tennis game or golf tournament?  Or do you just want to be able to move with more ease and fluidity? With this information in mind, we will build a tailored program beginning with areas that are most appropriate: Pilates, CoreAlign, Z Health, Red Cord or a little of each.

What to Expect

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will learn how the exercises help you achieve athletic and conditioning goals not possible otherwise. All students are challenged to reach their highest potential in our fully equipped studio. Over time you will have a full body workout on all of the equipment:  pilates reformer, chair, cadillac springs, CoreAlign, Red Cord and other equipment.

Your training goes beyond the time you are actually in session by improving your awareness during all activities in your daily life, e.g. your athletic pursuits, working out on your own, climbing stairs, driving a car or simply sitting at your computer. We design your classes to equip you with a toolbox to enhance your performance in whatever you do each day. By taking your awareness and drills into your everyday life, you will never view your training and exercise in the same way again.

A variety of class Options

There are multiple ways to engage the studio. With Solo classes your workout is specifically tailored to meet your individual goals.  This assures maximum focus and feedback on your personal objectives and progress.

Group classes of 2-5 students typically meet two times per week or more and students may register for a beginning, intermediate or advanced class. Before placement in a group class, a Solo class evaluation is generally recommended to ensure your goals and fitness situation are completely understood. Classes are formed with the objective of having everyone in a group at a similar level which helps maximize the benefits possible for everyone in a group setting.

Custom programs, e.g. a solo/group hybrid, can also be arranged depending on your specific needs. This ensures a personal focus is maintained on your objectives while gaining the general workout benefits of a group session.

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"I can't thank Kathy enough for always going above and beyond to make sure that I am always up on the most up to date and innovative practices so that I can truly be at my best."  
~ Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic Snowboarder
"I began pilates with Kathy and now my balance is amazing. I am 100% certain that attending Kathy’s classes has not only helped my balance, but has strengthened my core so much that I no longer have back pain, has improved my flexibility, and has improved the entire performance of my body"  
~ Robin Gorog