Engage Your Central Nervous System


Z Health targets the body's central nervous system. Traditional fitness culture has typically been focused solely on muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons while overlooking the higher-order system that oversees all activity in the body. It is a paradigm shift in the way we look at fitness and involves training with the principles of neuroplasticity. The result is changing the body’s capacity for movement by working with the central and peripheral nervous systems to regain lost movement and alter harmful patterns.

Gain Without Pain

At the center of the Z Health philosophy is a focus on restoration and rehabilitation of the body's pattern of performing every-day and athletic movements. The drills are developed for you individually and, after assessment, you are given a “toolbox” of refined drills to assess and reassess your body’s capacity for movement every day for the rest of your life.

Z Health is proven to not only produce advances in performance, but also to do so without causing pain and injury, setbacks far too common in other training modalities. Even more, Z Health can improve past pains that you may have thought would last forever.

For a primer on how Z Health works with your nervous system, please refer to the following short video.